chandra namaskar Eric Nez
trishula eric nez
surya_namaskar Eric Nez
entropy freshness beauty eric nez
petals eric nez
luminous_moon Eric Nez
connection eric nez
chamomile eric nez
mapletree eric nez
newman eric nez
forest_samadhi eric nez
purewater eric nez
fractal_fern eric nez
echinacea eric nez
element water eric nez
papaver eric nez
open heart eric nez
lovender eric nez
innerconnexional eric nez
spectral eric nez
integration eric nez
cosmic breath eric nez
temptress eric nez
she finds the sacred eric nez

Allowing the mystery to unfold by revealing its infinite forms…


eric nez
     “When spirit becomes aware of itself, it wants to play and creates a beautiful balance, an atmosphere in which life manifests and recreates itself. I am filled with light and matter. I am given all my strength from the universe: from the sun, moon and the earth and all the elements which are a part of the great play. My task is clear: to know beauty and truth, to express the mystery, and to point to the source and widen the view. I create and desire to leave something in this sacred space to add to the discovery of Spirit.”